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NAME: Benita
AGE: 4 months old
SEX: Female
BREED: Mixed breed
SIZE/WEIGHT: Small/Medium
NEUTERED: No, will need to be spayed as per adoption contract when old enough
CATS IN HOME: Can be cat tested
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes, dog savvy 6+
OTHER: Pup Benita was rescued from the streets when our rescuer saved her from children throwing water over her and chasing her.
She has been in a pension every since and wow her cheeky little character has really come out.
She is a happy little girl who is so friendly and social. She loves being with the other dogs and chasing around with them.
She loves playing with a ball and chewing her rescuers shoe laces.
She is such a loving little pup and has such a big character for a little doggie. She is a scruffy type doggie.
Benita will be travelling to the UK beginning-mid June and we would love to have a forever home waiting for her.
She would make an amazing addition to a family.

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