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NAME: Patchy
LOCATION: Bosnia - can travel once adopted
AGE: Nearly 2 years old
SEX: Male
BREED: Mixed breed
CATS IN HOME: Can be cat tested if necessary
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes dog savvy 7+
OTHER INFO: Patchy is a very special boy and was rescued on the streets of Bosnia with bone deformity issues with his front legs. This brave boy went a few weeks with his front legs bandaged to help the bones grow correctly. Luckily this helped his bone growth but as he grew older he developed deformities in his back legs. But that does not stop this boy!! He loves running and playing and apart from looking like he walks a little odd, his back legs cause him no further issues.
Patchy has the most amazing friendly temperament! He is a confident boy who loves greeting everyone he meets. He is a playful, happy, friendly boy and loves everyone! He is used to being with other dogs and is a social boy who loves to play and would love a resident dog to live with. He is quite active and loves running around playing chase.
This gorgeous boy would love to be in a home for the winter and really deserves his chance. He will make an amazing addition to a family. He just loves fuss and attention.

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