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NAME: Sydney Bear
AGE: 1 Year old, 2 in Feb
SEX: Male
BREED: Mixed breed
OTHER DOGS IN HOME: Yes, essential
CATS IN HOME: Can be cat tested if necessary
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes dog savvy 6+
OTHER INFO: Sydney Bear is one of Minnie's 9 pups and is looking for his forever home so he can travel to the U.K.
Sydney Bear lives up to his name. He is the biggest out of all pups and is a real life cuddly bear. He LOVES his siblings and loves to run around and play with them all. He also loves his food.
He adores humans and is always wanting cuddles and tummy rubs.
Sydney Bear is well socialised; he is used to being with lots of other dogs and enjoys playing with his siblings. He is a typical pup and would be fine living with another dog. He would love a playful dog to play with him and chase around with. He has typical pup energy. He adores being with his siblings so would need a resident dog in his new home.

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