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NAME: Bailey
AGE: 2 years old
SEX: Male
BREED: Mixed breed
SIZE/WEIGHT: Small/Medium 15kg
NEUTERED: No, rescue will cover when he's ready
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes, aged 8+
OTHER INFO: Bailey is a lovely boy. He currently lives with a family in Bristol but they now have to both work all day for two days a week and this isn't ideal for Bailey so he needs a new foster or to find his forever home. Bailey is happy to be left for up to 3 hours, he is crate trained and happy to be in his crate. He is fed a raw diet as he has shown intolerance to other foods which have made him poorly in the past so he will need to be fed a raw diet, the rescue will cover this for a foster placement.
Bailey originally mixed well with other dogs but has become a little bit reactive at times since being in foster. He is fully muzzle trained, walks well on a lead and enjoys his walks but will need someone to help him with his training. 
Bailey is absolutely brilliant with children and is currently living with children. He's a happy playful boy who wants to part of the family.
He loves his toys and his chews, antlers and tree root chews are his favourite!
Bailey does have a crate, and sleeps happily in it with the door open at night. He needs time to get used to visitors so this will need to be managed using his safe space.

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