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BEAR (Cockerpoo)


NAME: Bear
LOCATION: Birkett-Smith, Dorset
AGE: 2 years old DOB 08/04/2021
SEX: Male
BREED: Cockerpoo
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium 19kg
OTHER INFO: Bear is one of our UK rescues. He was raised from a puppy in a home until his owners were no longer able to meet his needs after they had a baby. We agreed to help find Bear a new home.
Unfortunately due to the arrival of the baby, Bear had not received enough of the correct stimulation and socialisation, which all dogs benefit from, to understand and learn about their world as they grow and develop during the first 2 years of their life from puppy to adulthood.
Bear has now been decompressing at the Birkett-Smith Centre for a few weeks and has enjoyed his break.
Bear is fully house trained. He loves his food and is food driven for training. He knows commands such as sit, paw, wait, place/bed and down and has been trained mainly using positive reward methods, unfortunately some negative training methods have also been used in the past such as a vibrating bark collar.
Bear loves playing, going for walks and playing with his ball. He sleeps on a bed as he doesn't like crates after building up a negative association to it as a puppy when he was put into a crate without the proper positive reward training being carried out.
Bear is friendly with other dogs and people on walks and is friendly towards visitors in the home.
He travels well in the car.
As expected with any Cockerpoo, Bear is a busy lad, he's very active with high energy levels and likes to have lots to keep him occupied.
Bear will need an active but calm home with a family who are around most of the time so that he can get the time and attention he needs and deserves to continue his learning, training and development as an adult dog.
Bear needs to find a home where his needs are fully met with a well balanced routine, regular training and daily opportunities to go on lovely walks and adventures so he can get the exercise and socialisation he needs and deserves.

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