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NAME: Bella and Benny
LOCATION: Middlesbrough
AGE: 9 years old
SEX: Bella Female/Benny Male
BREED: Shih Tzu
NEUTERED: No, Benny will need to be neutered (rescue will cover when settled)
OTHER DOGS IN HOME: No, unless well matched, small, older dogs
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes, dog savvy older
OTHER INFO: Bella and Benny are a UK rescued bonded older pair who would need to stay together. They were bought as puppies by their current owner and have been together for the past 9 years and are best friends.
Sadly their current owner is struggling to meet their needs due to ongoing health issues and she desperately wants to find them a home where they will get more than she can offer them now.
Bella and Benny are lovely little dogs who enjoy a short walk to the field every day and enjoy playing together in the garden. They walk well on harnesses and have good recall although Benny can get a little distracted if something is interesting.
They have both been reward trained using treats and have a very good understanding of commands and know Sit, Down, Come, Drop, Place/Bed, Wait.
They both have beds downstairs but prefer to sleep upstairs on the beds.They are fine with all sorts of handling, go to the groomers and vets without issue and are super cuddly pups.
Both dogs are fully house trained and will ask to go out by pacing at the back door. They are happy to be left home alone for up to 4 hours and should be fine to be left once settled in a new home.
They are both healthy dogs and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and recently had their teeth cleaned. Bella recently had a small lump removed from her tummy on the 27th May but it was benign and she's healed well.
They are both friendly with other dogs, sometimes bark and Bella might have a bit of a grumble if she's not sure about another dog but no aggression. They will have a sniff to say hello.
They are both friendly with people in and outside of the house and excited to greet people and get a fuss.
Like many little dogs they can both be a little fearful of thunder and fireworks but fine with other loud noises and travel well in the car with no problems.

On meeting Bella and Benny our Assessor said "I was greeted by the wagging tails of Bella and Benny. Both dogs were immediately comfortable with me and up on the sofa having cuddles and helping me fill in the assessment form by walking over the laptop! They are both clearly cared for and loved by their owner who has had them since they were puppies and says they are both very laid back dogs who are no bother."

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