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NAME: Bruno
LOCATION: Newport, Wales
AGE: Approx 4 years old (May be young as 2 years old)
SEX: Male
BREED: Boxer
CATS IN HOME: Can be cat tested
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes, dog savvy 7+
OTHER: Bruno was rescued from the streets and was malnourished and frightened. He was terrified of everything and even hid from puppies in his pension. He just wanted to hide away from the world.
How things have changed!! He has really come out of his shell and loves playing with other dogs now. He is a friendly, happy boy who has such a goofy nature.
Bruno is loving living in his foster home and is settling well. He LOVES his home comforts and loves nothing more than cuddles on the sofa.
He is a lovely boy and is affectionate, playful and full of energy. He is keen to interact with other dogs on walks but is quite excited and clumsy.
Bruno loves his toys and can entertain himself for ages throwing his toys and balls around.
Bruno is great with visitors and has no issues with new people in the house.
Bruno is fine on a lead and enjoys his walks. New things can take him a little getting used to but with gentle encouragement this boy soon learns not to be worried.
His training is coming along well and is getting better with his toilet training too. He is such an amazing boy.

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