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BUDDY was Ringo


NAME: Buddy
LOCATION: Ware, Hertfordshire
AGE: 4 years
SEX: Male
BREED: Mixed breed
OTHER INFO: Buddy is a lovely boy and of course, very handsome! He copes with the world around him in a busy way and loves spending time in his garden, playing and engaging in enrichment activities at home.
Buddy is not yet ready to tackle all the challenges of the outside world especially going for walks so he is looking for a special home with good outside space and a family who are prepared to regularly take him to a secure field in the car until he's ready to make progress and start exploring other outside environments.
Buddy has made good progress in his foster home and is now looking to complete his Second Chance journey by finding his very own forever home.
Buddy is fully crate trained and likes to use his crate as a safe, relaxing place as well as somewhere he can occupy himself with enrichment activities such as a Kong, lickimat, snuffle mat etc.
Buddy is fully toilet trained, he's a bright boy and learns well. He has made good progress with his training and learning basic commands in his foster home.
Buddy is great with visitors who come to the home. He's a happy friendly boy who is happy to have a fuss and take treats from you.
He travels well in the car and is happy to visit the groomer for a pamper!

From Buddy's current foster Dan...

"Buddy is such a handsome and intelligent dog who really wants to be a good boy, but just needs a little bit of help along the way.
He is very affectionate and loves to sit on the sofa next to you in the evenings, and be stroked.
He is completely toilet trained, not one accident since he’s been with us.
He’s a very good eater, eats his kibble without any fuss and doesn’t pester for treats.
He is crate trained, goes into his crate at bedtime and sleeps through the night without any issues and he is ok to be left for 2-3 hours during the day."

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