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NAME: Chester
LOCATION: Foster in Selby
AGE: 4.5 months old May 2024
SEX: Male
BREED: Mixed breed (mum Pekingese)
NEUTERED: No, will need to be castrated as per adoption contract when old enough
CATS IN HOME: Can be cat tested
CHILDREN IN HOME: dog savvy 6+
OTHER: Pup Chester is one of 4 pups from mum Tessie. (Siblings are Kaylee, Basil and Fifi) Tessie has now found her forever home in the UK and it’s now her babies turn to find their homes.
Mum Tessie is Pekingese (see photo of mum) so we think pups will be small/medium when full grown.
These pups are little poppets. They are full of character and are typical cheeky pups.
They spend their day chasing around playing, eating, napping then chasing around playing again. They love to all get into mischief together!
They are quite confident pups and they all have similar temperaments. They are so much fun and are just the cutest little bundles of fluff.
They enjoy fuss and attention and give adorable little cuddles.
The pups will be travelling to the UK at the end of May and would love to have forever homes waiting for them.
They would make amazing additions to a family.

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