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NAME: Flossy
LOCATION: Foster in Colchester
AGE: 6 years old
SEX: Female
BREED: Mixed breed
OTHER DOGS IN HOME: Yes, well matched
CATS IN HOME: Yes, well matched
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes, older dog savvy
OTHER INFO: Flossy is currently in foster in Suffolk along with our gorgeous Husky boy Stefano and two other dogs, one of which is also a Second Chance dog.
Flossy was previously living with her family for 3 years but, due to a life changing medical diagnosis, and despite trying to manage for a long time her family are now unable to continue to meet her needs and give Flossy the life she deserves.
Flossy now needs to urgently find a new foster or a forever home by the 8th June due to her current foster's work commitments.
Flossy is a guardian breed mix dog, these dogs bond deeply and loyally with their family and caregivers so, after being in a home for so long, Flossy just won't cope in kennels, it will traumatise and destroy her, we cannot let that happen.
Flossy is fully crate trained and can be left home alone in her crate or safe space for up to 4 hours. She travels well in the car and is used to going to the groomer.
Flossy loves going for a walk although it's often more of an 'amble'! Her favourite thing is to sit in a field or on a beach, quietly, and watch the world go by. Flossy doesn't pull on lead and can be lovely to walk with. As long as it's quiet and spacious, she is happy. Flossy is Halti and muzzle trained, she wears her Halti on walks.
Flossy loves attention and a good scratch on chest and head, she will paw you for more if you stop!
Flossy also loves to do her own thing, she loves chilling in the garden and would be very happy to lay on the grass all day and watch the day pass by. She loves finding little dens to squeeze into as well!
Flossy can be picky with unknown dogs and when meeting dogs on walks, however, she does get on very well with other dogs providing introductions are well managed and progress at her pace so she has the time to build relationships with them, as she has done with the dogs she is currently living with. She will eat alongside the other dogs, no food aggression has been observed.
As is natural to all LGDs, she will alert you to situations she is not comfortable with both inside and outside of the house to protect her 'flock' or family.
New visitors will need to be introduced correctly, she will then be happy with them being there and take herself away if she's had enough. Inconsistent visitors such as workmen, Flossy will prefer to be in her safe space away from them.
Flossy is used to being around young children, if they get too much and she's had enough, she will take herself away. She was living with an 11 year old boy who was her favourite human in the world so an older, dog savvy child wanting to build a deep bond with their new dog would be perfect for Flossy.
Flossy has lived with a cat in her home for the past three years.
If you would like to welcome this beautiful girl into your home then please get in touch.

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