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NAME: Larna
LOCATION: Manchester
AGE: 5 years old
SEX: Female
BREED: Caucasian Shepherd
SIZE/WEIGHT: Giant breed 60kg
NEUTERED: No, rescue will cover costs when settled
OTHER DOGS IN HOME: Yes, well matched
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes, older children due to size
OTHER INFO: Larna is one of our UK rescues. She is looking for a home where her needs can be better met. Giant breed experience will be necessary.
Larna is a beautiful girl. She likes attention and loves a good fuss, being brushed and groomed.
Larna enjoys her food, she is currently raw fed which she eats slowly and enjoys! She is also food motivated for training.
Larna enjoys slower paced walks where she can enjoy exploring, sniffing and taking her time. Typical of giant breed dogs, she is quite lazy and relaxed at home once settled.
Larna generally walks well and is used to wearing a Halti/head collar for more security and control as she can occasionally get a bit over aroused and, like any giant breed, is a strong girl at 60kg.
Larna can be wary of strangers outside the home if they approach her directly but she's fine with strangers in the home. She was very happy to meet our Assessor.
Larna has responded well to basic training at home and will Sit, Wait and go to her Bed/Place. She's responsive and listens well, enjoying treat rewards for success.
Larna is fully house trained, she travels well in the car and isn't afraid of noise in general but, like many dogs, she can be anxious with storms and fireworks.
Larna lives with 3 other dogs and gets on well with them. She would be fine to live with large/giant breed, well matched, calmer dogs with correct introductions which, as with any new dog in a new home, will need to progess at a comfortable pace for all dogs.
Although Larna currently lives with 7 children of varying ages and loves them all, ideally a home with older children would be more suitable as she can knock the little ones with her tail due to her size and isn't fond of them running around.
Our Assessor said 'Larna is a very sweet, friendly and affectionate girl towards all her family members and with correctly introduced guests. We were having cuddles within 15 minutes!'

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