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NAME: Lulu
LOCATION: Foster in Chester
AGE: 4 years old
SEX: Female
BREED: Poodle type
OTHER DOGS IN HOME: Yes, with mum or another dog essential
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes, dog savvy 7+
OTHER: Lulu was rescued with her mum Maisy and has been living with the rescuer ever since.
Lulu is a sweet girl and is slightly bigger than her mum Maisy.
Lulu is a social girl and is used to being around dogs in the shelter of all sizes. She particularly likes being with her mum Maisy and also Forty but she really tried to make friends with all the doggies in the shelter.
She just loves affection and has a really sweet gentle temperament. She loves to follow you around and be near her rescuer. At first Lulu can be a little unsure but her little tail does not stop wagging and she keeps coming back for fuss, getting braver each time. She really is a little sweetheart.
Both are also used to living in a home environment as they have been living with their rescuer.
When rescued they were quite matted so both have been clipped and groomed.
Lulu deserves such a special home and would make such a special addition to a lucky family.

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