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LOCATION: Foster in Blackpool
AGE: 6 months old
SEX: Male
BREED: Mixed breed
NEUTERED: No, will need to be castrated as per adoption contract when old enough
OTHER DOGS IN HOME: Yes, essential
CATS IN HOME: Can be cat tested
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes dog savvy 7+
OTHER INFO: Max was rescued with his siblings after being found huddled by a bus shelter, sadly there was no mum about so our rescuer took them in straight away.
All the siblings are typical playful pups! They love chasing around together and are very social pups with other dogs.
They have all been getting used to wearing harnesses and having leads on them to make the transition easier for them when they come to their forever homes.
They are all good with humans but are typical inquisitive pups so they do jump up when excited etc.
These are such stunning doggies and would love to travel to the UK to a forever home while still young.

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