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NAME: Milo
LOCATION: Foster in Newcastle
AGE: Approx 2 years old
SEX: Male
BREED: Lab mix
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium - 25kg
OTHER DOGS IN HOME: Yes, well matched
OTHER INFO: Milo is one of our UK rescues. His previous owner was not able to meet his needs due to having a young baby and was unable to support the cost of having a dog due to financial issues.
Milo is now in a lovely foster home, he has settled well and is making good progress. He would love to find his forever home.
Milo is a very loving, friendly and clever boy, who doesn't ask for much: just a few toys, playing tug and hide and seek, kisses and lots and lots of love.
Milo is fully house trained. He sleeps in his bed in the kitchen after his last toilet visit to the garden.
Milo has been left him for 2 or 3 hours at a time, he's happy to go into his bed while his fosters go out and happy and excited to see them when they return.
Milo loves his walks, loves other dogs but can be a little bouncy and vocal. His foster is currently working on socialising him which has seen improvement in a short time. Milo has now done very well meeting some dogs face to face and currently enjoys a morning, afternoon and evening walk.
It's a big smelly world out there to Milo so he likes lots of sniff stops. He can pull a bit when he first goes out but does calm down after the initial excitement.
Milo loves people, he is fine with visitors coming to the house and has previously lived with a young child.
Milo has been vet checked and the vet said he is fully fit, perfect weight and in fabulous condition.
Milo's foster says...
'Milo would be a terrific addition to any family home as he is a very loving, funny young boy who is a real cuddle monster.
He likes a cuddle and his paws kissed before I say goodnight. He's excited to see me in the morning and brings me a toy and gets his morning cuddles and kisses.'
Milo would make a great family dog.

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