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NAME: Peggy
LOCATION: Foster in Portishead
AGE: 5 months old
SEX: Female
BREED: Mixed breed
NEUTERED: No, will need to be neutered as per adoption contract when old enough
OTHER DOGS IN HOME: Yes, essential
OTHER: Everyone will remember our 4 pups dumped by the side of a road in a bag Luckily they were scooped up in our rescuers arms and they are now hoping to find their own forever families.
Peggy is sibling of Asha, Buzz and Scout and all 4 pups are such happy playful sociable pups
They love chasing round playing and are just bundles of fun.
They are all fairly confident pups and used to being around humans and being handled etc.
They are all affectionate and love cuddles
Peggy is the lighter of the 2 females
Someone will be very lucky to adopt one of these sweet pups
They will make great additions to a lucky family

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