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NAME: Pippa
LOCATION: Foster in Scotland
AGE:5 months old
SEX: Female
BREED: Mixed breed
SIZE/WEIGHT: Small/Medium
NEUTERED: No, will need to be spayed as per adoption contract when old enough
OTHER DOGS IN HOME: Yes, essential
CATS IN HOME: Can be cat tested
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes, dog savvy 7+
OTHER: Pippa is one of 7 pups rescued with mum from a dangerous location. Sadly we lost 2 pups to parvo but the remaining 5 are now ready to find their forever homes.
These pups are typical playful happy pups and love to chase around and play. They are used to being with lots of doggies and are well socialised.
They have typical pup energy and may be a little timid to start with in their new environment but with a resident dog to help them settle they will soon be out of their shells
Mum is small, medium sized and is the black one in the photos; the pups we think will be small medium once fully grown with short legs.
They would all make amazing additions to any family
From Pippa’s current foster mum…
‘So we have been fostering little Pippa (6 months old) for a few weeks now, and what a fabulous little girl she is. Super sweet personality, friendly and playful with dogs and humans, that tail never stops wagging! Not an aggressive bone in her body, she is very loving and likes to lie beside you for a cuddle.
We are getting her into a routine which the other dogs are helping with, and toilet training is coming along slowly but surely as she’s never lived in a house before. She is really smart, curious and keen to please and picks things up quickly, only a few days in she was bravely walking on a harness and lead outside, after our first attempt made her freeze on the spot.
She's formed a wonderful relationship with Paddy and will absolutely need another small/medium dog to snuggle with and play with. She can be a little pushy, but when told off by one of the dogs she listens and is very respectful. She loves running about in the garden and in the enclosed field and will walk on a lead great (just not in a straight line lol).
Scoffs her food like there’s no tomorrow, and will wait patiently for it to be put down.
She isn’t phased by our pack of 2 medium and 2 large dogs at all, she’s just slotted right in brilliantly. A little shy with strangers at first but within the hour she was sitting beside my mum and having a play. She is great with everyone and has met older kids and was fine with them.
She has a crate which she sometimes takes herself to, but our dogs aren’t crated so she spends most of her time out. She did spend her first few nights sleeping in her crate, but once she realised our little ones sleep upstairs she wanted to come too, she sleeps through the night upstairs with access to puppy pads for any accidents. She is toileting outside and on walks, but it’s early days so she is still learning, but she is so smart and likes to be clean so I don’t think it will take her long to be more consistent.
If we didn’t have 4 dogs already she would be staying forever, she really is that lovely, she deserves to settle in her forever home.’

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