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NAME: Riker
LOCATION: Waltham Abbey, Essex
AGE: 2 years old
SEX: Male
BREED: Boxer x Bulldog
SIZE/WEIGHT: Large 34kg
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes, dog savvy 11+
OTHER INFO: Riker is one of our UK rescues. This poor boy hasn't had the best start in life. His first owner sadly died of cancer and Riker was found lying with him on the bed. He was taken in by the daughter who tried to get him put to sleep but luckily the vet refused.
The lady who has him now took him in after hearing his sad story but wants to find him a more suitable home where his needs are better met and he doesn't have to be left home alone so much.
Riker enjoys his walks and loves a good sniff to explore. He ignored other dogs. He can be a strong boy but walks well on a slip lead. He will pull instinctively when wearing a harness. He doesn't run off lead unless at a secure field.
Riker is a very intelligent boy and responds well to training. He knows Sit, Come, Drop, Paw, and will walk to heel after a few minutes excitement at going out! He is also fully house trained.
Riker is good with lots of different types of handling and really loves fuss and attention, he is a very happy and healthy boy. He will jump to greet you but will also sit when asked.
Riker is good with visitors when introduced correctly and will greet them enthusiastically with lots of love and kisses! He can be a little unsure with men at first but he has never been aggressive.
Riker travels well in the car and is fine to be left home alone for reasonable periods of time up to 4 hours.
Riker currently spend time with his current owner's 3 year old grandson and he's absolutely fine around him but we have said older children as he is a big lad and could bump into younger children.
If you're looking for a big, lovable boy and have the time to help him continue making progress with his training and learning about the world around him then Riker could be the perfect match!
Our Assessor said, 'Riker is a sweet boy who craves love and attention. He is a bouncy not with a tendency to get a bit over excited but easily managed with boundaries and confident handling. Unfortunately he has not had a lot of positive input from previous owners but he's doing well now and is very smart and quick to learn.'

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