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NAME: Rosie
LOCATION: Foster in West Sussex
AGE: Approx 5 years old
SEX: Female
BREED: Lab mix
SIZE/WEIGHT: Large - approx 35kg
OTHER DOGS IN HOME: Yes, but would prefer to be only dog
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes, dog savvy 7+
OTHER INFO: Rosie was dumped by her owners, she was tied to a tree in the middle of nowhere and left to die.
Rosie is a very special soulful girl and after her adopter was taken to hospital with a broken hip she is now in a foster home.
Rosie has the most amazing gentle nature and absolutely adores humans. She builds bonds quickly and is such a soulful girl. She loves to be near you.
Rosie is fine with visitors and has happily spent time with family members ranging from 2 years old to adult.
Rosie was aged at 5 years old by her vet in Bosnia but her current foster thinks she could be older.
Rosie enjoys her walks and walks well on lead but she is a strong girl on her lead if she sees a squirrel. She currently wears a Halti with her short lead.
Rosie is great in the car, very calm and happy to travel. She is also happy to be left home alone for a few hours.
Rosie is happy to say hello to dogs on walks but if a dog comes charging over to her she will give a warning growl.
Rosie has settled really well with her current adopter who says that 'Rosie is wonderful, she is intelligent, sweet natured and loving and she has been very responsive in picking up how things work.'
Whoever adopts this beautiful girl is going to be so lucky, just look at that lovely face.

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