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NAME: Sandy
LOCATION: Foster in Fareham
AGE: 1 year old
SEX: Female
BREED: Mixed breed
NEUTERED: No, will need to be spayed as per adoption contract when old enough
OTHER DOGS IN HOME: Possibly well matched
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes, older dog savvy
OTHER INFO: Sandy is one of our UK rescues. She was brought from a home breeder by a lady who sadly found herself homeless not long afterwards and was unable to take care of Sandy anymore.
Sandy has been in foster since June and she is currently living with her foster dad, an older male teenager, and Charlie, an 8 year old Border Collie.
Sandy has formed a very good bond with her foster dad and gets on well with the other male in the home. Charlie has become less tolerant of Sandy as she's got older and we feel he needs to return to being an only dog.
As Sandy is still a puppy, albeit a large puppy, she still has things to learn but she is a very bright and clever girl. She would be fine as an only dog or with another well matched dog who could show her the way.
Sandy is a highly intelligent dog who responds well to reward training.
Sandy especially likes sausage and chicken. She learns quickly and has made good progress with her basic training and knows Sit, Down, Come, Touch, Wait, Crate and will wait until told to eat at dinner time. For a year old, her recall is good but, as with any dog, this will need to be established in her new home.
Sandy enjoys going for walks. She walks with her foster dad every day, a dog walker three times a week and sometimes with the other male family member. She also enjoys running off lead in the nearby secure field. Sandy can get a little over aroused at times and pull a bit on lead but she's still young and learning and walks better on the way home!
She travels well and gets excited about going in the car as she associates it with walks and going on adventures.
Sandy loves her toys. She loves balls, rope toys, squeaky toys, bones, interactive treats and games. She will sit by her toy box when she wants to play. She also loves belly rubs, massages, the sofa and watching TV shows! She shows an interest in scent activities which could be an area to explore more as she's getting older.
Sandy is fully house trained and crate trained. She will run to you and do a dance to let you know that she needs to go out! Sandy sleeps well through the night in her crate and will go to her crate when asked during the day. She is not known to be destructive and will only chew her own toys.
Sandy is up to date with her vaccinations, flea, and worm treatment. According to her current foster dad, she is a healthy, robust, strong, fit dog.
Sandy has short fur which is easy to groom and dries quickly. She is a stunning girl with beautiful big brown eyes.
Sandy enjoys her raw diet, she is not a fussy eater and adores chicken broth.
Sandy is good with visitors. She greets them enthusiastically but will settle.
Sandy is very much loved by her foster dad, who is finding the thought of her moving on difficult, but he knows that it is the best thing for Sandy. She has made good progress in foster and has learnt many valuable skills that she will take with her to her new home.
Sandy's foster dad says that she is quirky, fun, energetic, playful and a loyal companion. She gives you the best welcome when you come home.

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