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NAME: Stefano
LOCATION: Foster in Suffolk
AGE: 4 years old
SEX: Male
BREED: Husky
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes, dog savvy 13+
OTHER INFO: Stefano was rescued from the public shelter in Bosnia, he was just desperate to get out of the cage. We think that it's likely he was dumped there unwanted by previous owners. He had a few small wounds and was underweight when rescued, but he's a very healthy boy now.
Stefano travelled to the UK in November 2022, but through no fault of his own, he is now looking for a new forever home.
Stefano is a happy boy who is friendly with everyone he meets. He has a really lovely temperament and loves fuss and attention.
He is a typical Husky with lots of energy. He can be bouncy and a little boisterous in his jumping when excited.
Like many Huskies, he can be strong on the lead and pull, so lead training will need to continue. A positively introduced halti or gentle leader may help to have more control and make progress with the training.
Stefano loves other dogs and is always very excited to play, especially with well matched playmates. He would love to find a home with another suitable dog, maybe another Husky!
Stefano also loves people and wants to play. He can be a little over exuberant at times and will need to learn firm boundaries around acceptable play and interactions with humans. Like many Huskies, he can be very mouthy and jumpy in play and excitement.
Any children in the family will need to be confident, sensible, dog savvy kids who are able to set their own personal boundaries with Stefano when it comes to playing.
Stefano is a happy, friendly, confident, and highly intelligent boy who will require a home with people who are experienced with Huskies or similar breeds.
He will need calm, confident leadership with the implementation of a good routine that includes mental stimulation as well as physical exercise in order to balance his energy levels and manage his needs.

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