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NAME: Tess
LOCATION: Foster in South London
AGE: 5-6 years old
SEX: Female
BREED: Terrier mix
OTHER DOGS IN HOME: Yes, well matched with correct introductions
OTHER INFO: **FEMALE ONLY HOME REQUIRED** Tess has well and truly gone from strength to strength with her foster Mum. This little girl is a happy, silly and cuddly sweetheart who adores her favourite people - it takes her a while to trust new people, but once she does she will be your friend for life.
She has plenty of energy for playing, fetching her ball and walks. She could happily trot alongside you all day on walks and ramble.
She skips for joy every morning when she sees her foster mum, and in fact everytime she comes into the room!
Tess prefers quieter open spaces for walks as she gets over-stimulated in woods and crowded spaces, or around traffic and busy roads. She would like a home in a quiet area with infrequent visitors.
Tess is very wary of unknown males, however she has been introduced to her fosters male family members who she has built a good bond with. She is also happy to say hello to males when out on walks.
She says hello nicely to small and medium dogs on leads, and mostly ignores other dogs that are at a distance. She’s still very worried if approached by larger dogs or any dog which runs towards her. New owners will need to continue to manage this slowly.
She is muzzle trained. Tess has even made some friends and met up in a secure field, she had a good play.
Tess travels well in the car, and is happy to be left at home for short periods of time.
Tess is very keen to please, food motivated and learns quickly - Tess has learned sit, down, shake paws, up, come, bed, and how to play fetch and tug. Whatever you want to teach her, she’ll do her absolute best for you. She also loves a cuddle on the sofa.

Tess’s foster mum says:

Tess has the soul of a fancy lady and has perfect manners around the house, once settled she’s quiet through the night and I’ve never seen a single destructive behaviour or accident from her. As loyal, happy, clever and loving a dog as you could ever wish for. She’s become a bit of a celebrity among my neighbours and other dog walkers at the park for being such a character, who tries her very best for everyone.
This sweet girl needs an experienced forever home who are prepared to give her plenty of time, patience and love to feel safe and settled. Once she does, she’s a very rewarding dog and will be devoted to you!

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