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At Second Chance Dog Rescue we rely on our wonderful foster carers to provide homes for some of our dogs whilst they wait to find their forever homes.  Many of the dogs in our care have either suffered abuse, injury and trauma. Many have never lived in a home or experienced love and care from humans. Living with a foster family helps to provide them with one-to-one care, allows them time to build up their confidence and get used to a life in a loving home. It also provides them with the skills they need to transition into their forever home.

Why does fostering help me and my family? 

Fostering is a very rewarding and important role in the life of many rescue dogs. Some of our dogs such as puppies, older dogs and dogs that need extra care such as disabled dogs just don't cope well in kennels. We need foster carers who are happy to take dogs into their home until we can find them a forever home. Knowing you have played a key part in helping a dog in their first steps to their new, happy life, teaching them the skills they need and seeing them grow in confidence is very rewarding. Fostering also enables families who may not be able to keep a dog long-term due to other commitments an alternative way to give a dog the home they need on a temporary basis. 

Will fostering cost me lots of money? 

No. Second Chance Dog Rescue can help with any necessary costs and the rescue will cover any vet bills, flea/worming treatment and neutering/spaying if necessary. We do ask that fosters are able to collect dogs to bring them home as this is important in your journey together. Love, time and patience is something that money can’t buy and the most important thing for our dogs. 

What support is available?

All of our foster carers have full access to our Aftercare Support and Advice page where you can post any questions or queries you might have. Each post is answered personally by our behaviourist and the adopters and fosters who are group  members are also on hand to offer support and share personal experiences. As part of the Second Chance Dog Rescue Aftercare Support Service a foster chat will be set up on Messenger or WhatsApp to enable you to have direct contact at all times if required. We also ask that you keep us updated in this chat with your foster dogs progress along with lots of pictures and videos of course! This will help us find them their perfect forever home.

To find out which dog's are available for fostering or for more information please join our Facebook group by clicking the paw below or email us at...

Second Chance Golden Retriever Dog Rescue Paw


I love fostering as it presents lots of different challenges and each dog has their own unique needs. Some people like  to do short-term fostering as it suits their lifestyle, I prefer to do end of life care, elderly care and care for the disabled dogs that many people will overlook. I would always say to people these boys and girls still have so much to give. 


Blue the blind husky rescued by second chance golden retriever.

Blue is my latest boy and he is blind but don't let this fool you as he has no fears and his confidence is incredible. You can read his adventures on the family page, just look out for "The Diaries of Blue the Wonder Dog!"


I have been lucky enough to foster for Second Chance. The last one completely stole my heart though and I could not say goodbye to him, so I became a failed foster. Fostering has made me so happy. It is a real pleasure and privilege to be the first stop for a dog on their way to their future forever home. Helping them overcome anxieties and feel comfortable enough to make the their next step is so rewarding. 

Frankie and benny Who were rescued by Second chance golden retriever rescue.

Don’t get me wrong, it can be heart wrenching seeing them go but that is a bittersweet feeling because you know they are going on to a home where they will have unconditional love forever. And hopefully the new family will always keep posting of their new baby’s progress. 

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