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I remember looking at Flora's video and my heart sank seeing her fragile and weak body walking along a lonely road.

I wondered how many people had just turned a blind eye along that road and drove on by before her rescuer saved her. The song to her video replayed in my mind it had the words 'don't give up on me' in it... I knew I had to have her and show her what it feels like to be loved and wanted. The adoption process was smooth despite COVID restrictions, we were kept up to date by Louise and the Second Chance Dog Rescue team throughout. My husband drove to Wales to collect her from the kennels, and she greeted him with such love. 

Xana Second Chance Golden Retriever

I already had adopted Xana previously, so we were unsure of how it would go with them and my two other dogs. We were nervous, excited and apprehensive...would they all get on? Flora had some bad arthritis that played her up and it affected her back legs and spine making her a bit lame, she would go up and down in pain and we were worried that she wouldn't be ok. But we got on top of this very quickly and did all we could to make her comfortable. She was malnourished when they found her, so we had to build her up gradually with short walks, supplements and pain relief... now she enjoys her walks and races round the garden for zoomies. 

Xana Second Chance Golden Retriever Rescue

At first when she arrived it was tense, there was growling and lunging and figuring out who was pack leader, until everyone knew their place. Flora was desperate to be in the pack, Xana was a little unsure... Toys were guarded especially by Flora, but who could blame her....what had she had before? We just did what we could to take the anxiety away from her and the pack and they soon all relaxed. The bonding just clicked one day, it was beautiful! Xana and Flora are the best of friends now and in fact they are inseparable, they play all day and love each other so much, it's so endearing to see. We all were very patient, respected boundaries, gave them love and tenderness and soon, just like that, out came her real character that we had been longing to see. We laugh because she is an utter TV addict, she sits there looking at us talking/barking to us for ages...we don't know what she is saying but we just agree! She is so playful and happy, she loves the garden and her walks, she just loves life and she has become the dog she always wanted to be! We couldn't imagine life without her or Xana.

Xana Second Chance Golden Retriever Rescue

We would never give up on you Flora 🥰 thank you for letting us love you xxxxxx

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