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NAME: Abby
LOCATION: Foster in Morecambe
AGE: 7 months old
SEX: Female
BREED: Mixed breed(mum is hound type)
NEUTERED: No, will need to be spayed as per adoption contract when old enough
CATS IN HOME: Yes, passed cat test in Bosnia
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes, dog savvy, currently living with young children
OTHER: Abby is one of 7 beautiful pups of Abina. Abina was rescued with 9 small pups but sadly 2 pups didn’t make it.
Abby is a typical playful pup and loves doing zoomies with her foster brother Boomer. She loves saying hello to dogs on walks and is a really friendly social girl.
Abby is currently in a foster home and is doing amazing. She is great with visitors, wants to say hello to everyone on walks and is great with children.
Abby is crate trained and toilet trained. She walks well on a lead and her basic commands for sit etc are coming along great. She is a quick learner and very smart.
Abby is a very loving girl, she is used to being handled and her favourite thing is to have cuddles with you on the sofa or your lap! She is very loving and affectionate and has the most amazing temperament.
She is a typical energetic pup with lots of energy so would love a resident dog to do zoomies with.
Mum Abina is a beautiful hound type (see photo)

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