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Second Chance Dog Rescue is a UK based non-profit dog rescue, 100% of our all our income goes towards saving and helping our dogs to live the lives they deserve.

Second Chance Dog Rescue are fully registered with Companies House as a Community Interest Company - Second Chance Dog Rescue Reg No: 13232642.

Second Chance Dog Rescue operate primarily in The Balkans where the need for rescue is desperate but we also rescue an increasing amount of UK dogs in need of rehoming and to save them from the threat of euthanasia.

Without your donations Second Chance Dog Rescue would not have been able to save almost 2000 dogs from abuse, suffering and death. 

All donations are very gratefully received and will go directly to help our dogs get their Second Chance.

For all adoption enquiries please contact us on:


At Second Chance Dog Rescue, saving dogs in need from the streets and other vulnerable situations is our main objective but we also want to focus on a better future for all the dogs who find themselves in need of rescue in the Balkans.

One of the main reasons why rescue is so important in The Balkans is due to overpopulation of street dogs and the free breeding of unneutered dogs. Neutering can prevent thousands of puppies from being born to die and suffering abuse, injury and disease.

We set up Second Chance
Dog Rescue's Spay and Neuter Campaign - Angel's Legacy -  in 2019 in memory of Angel who was the first puppy that we didn't reach in time, she died suffering and alone on the streets before our rescuer could get to her.

By making a small donation to
Second Chance Dog Rescue's Spay and Neuter Campaign you can make a massive difference to the lives of hundreds of dog's and stop other puppies from suffering the same fate as Angel.

To visit the Angel's Legacy page

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