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NAME: Finn
AGE:1 year old
SEX: Male
BREED: Mixed breed
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium/Large
OTHER DOGS IN HOME: Yes, essential
CATS IN HOME: Can be cat tested
CHILDREN IN HOME: Yes, dog savvy 7+
OTHER: Finn is one of 6 pups who we rescued terrified from PS1. The first sibling has travelled to the U.K. and been adopted and is doing amazing. We are now hoping to get the remaining 5 siblings homes.
Finn is a sweet friendly boy and is social with dogs. He enjoys chasing about and playing.
The rescuer has been getting him used to walking on a lead and she is doing really well.
Finn has a lovely temperament and is such a friendly boy. He has the energy of a typical young boy. Although a little shy at first with new people he soon comes round especially if there are treats involved.
All the siblings would all make amazing additions to any family and we really hope they find homes for the winter.

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